- gone west

This is a personal project which chronologically follows my journey on the coastal highway from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA.

I suggested to my parents several months ago about my desire to tour the Pacific Northwest. Somehow, they were convinced and we followed through. As an adult on a family vacation with my mother and father, I somehow feel this will be one of the last opportunities I get to experience a fulfilling & adventurous excursion as a family. They are still relatively 'young' and able to do some of the more rigorous hiking yet. I often forget they are twice my age or more. While I was initially a little nervous about spending 13 days in close quarters; between sharing hotel rooms, being crammed in a sedan for more than 1,500 miles, and literally having no privacy... I felt like I was on vacation with friends.

I wanted to capture the trip in its entirety. For my parents. For myself. No one else. This is a sentimental tribute to the people who gave me the best of them, raised me, encouraged me, and continue to support me. 

I love you mom & dad,

- Britt