Don't Grow Up

Every so often my photography group, shuttersluts, meets up for a photo excursion.

This time I invited you, my dear niece. I wondered if taking photographs was something you would even be interested in. To my surprise, you said yes and asked if you could bring a friend. Of course! You're turning thirteen this year; where did the time go? You are vibrant, beautiful, clever and funny. You're turning into your own person. 

I got a couple of other girls together and we drove out into the country. We were going to sneak into some place we shouldn't - but that's half the fun right? I put my old camera in your hands, set it to auto and let you run. I kept an eye on you among the steep ledges, heavy machinery, and open water. I watched from a distance as you and your friend took turns taking photos of one another. 

You guys got dirty, bit by bugs, and tried to catch some fish..

I just wanted you to be a damn kid.

I haven't yet looked at the photos you took, but I will try to edit and them stash them away for the future. I feel like life moves fast and I often forget to lend my time to people who mean the most to me. 

I love you, Livi. Just be a kid for a little while longer. Don't grow up.

Heartland Bombshells @ Blue Moose

The Heartland Bombshells are Iowa City's only burlesque troupe!

I've had the honor of working with this group over the past few months. I am always eager to see them perform, so I asked if I could tag along and grab some stills during their set 7/8 at The Blue Moose. They DO NOT disappoint! You don't quite know what to expect! Last night included cherry pies, giveaways, tandem acts, comedy, and plenty more. 

Iowa City Jazzfest '17 - Day 1

Iowa City Jazzfest '17 - Day 1

I took my time to enjoy the festivities and colors this year. The town is alive with a lot of celebrations during the summers; including Pridefest, Iowa City Block Party, & Jazzfest just to name a few. I thought I would take my time to enjoy the city tonight, with it's vibrant colors and various food trucks. My boyfriend and I love Masala, so we took advantage of their $9 plate and split it down the middle. Needless to say, we were both able to fill up some some delicious chicken tikki, pakora, naan, simosas, and chana masala. The rice is also worth mentioning, as is the mint sauce they supply as a condiment.

Afterward, I was able to catch a band playing in front of the Pentacrest as the sun was finally going down. Overall, a great experience that I would recommend to friends and family.